Top 9 Apps to Aid Your Spring Cleaning

Give your spring cleaning an added boost with these apps that can simplify the process, keep you motivated, and share the tasks with others.

By Jamie Goodwin


It’s that time of the year again. Hibernation is over. It’s time to throw open the windows and put away the winter clothes. It’s also time for that dreaded spring cleaning. While preparing to clean out the hidden nooks and crannies, check out these spring cleaning apps that can make the process a little easier (maybe even a little more fun):


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning often starts with creating a list of everything that needs to get done. Then, each item can be checked off as it is completed. The Spring Cleaning Checklist app helps you do just that. It also provides tips to help you and music to listen to as you work.





Why not make some money off your spring cleaning? Apps like ThredUp, Poshmark, OfferUp, or Listia make it easy to sell your unwanted clothes and other items. Clear out the cluttered items you don’t need, and put money in your pocket in the process. 





No spring cleaning is complete without the perfect playlist. Find great playlists to listen to on Spotify. They have a free app that allows you to stream music from your favorite artists, or you can pay for a premium account to give you more freedom with the music that you select.




Chore Bank

If you want to include your children in your spring cleaning, check out the Chore Bank app. It allows you to create a list of tasks that need to get done. Then, you can assign a monetary value or reward for each one. As your children complete the tasks, the money gets deposited into their bank. If your kids like the app, then you can create a chore calendar and send them text reminders when chores need to get done.




Chore Monster

Chore Monster is another great app to use if you have children helping with spring cleaning. Parents can assign various chores to their children. As children complete each chore, they earn points that can be used to purchase prizes. The monsters make it fun, and the prizes will keep young cleaners motivated.





Cleaning just got a whole lot more epic. When setting up this app, you need to select a name and avatar. Then, add a quest (or chore) for your avatar to accomplish. As you complete each chore, your avatar will destroy that item and earn loot and other things needed for the journey. You can also schedule chores and set alarms in the app. You may find yourself cleaning ahead of time just to see what your avatar can do.





You need to downsize that growing pile of papers, but you can’t just get rid of them. What should you do? File them. Better yet, file them electronically with this app. FileThis allows you to scan documents and archive them for later use.


A similar app that’s worth checking out is Evernote Scannable. You can upload everything from tax documents to receipts, so you can access them whenever you need them.




Unfilth Your Habitat

This app is aimed at “lazy” individuals who need extra motivation. The motivation comes with plenty of profanity, so the app is not for everybody. However, people can benefit from the to-do lists and timed challenges. It’s set up to provide cleaners with 10 minute breaks for every 20 minutes of work. If you’re struggling to stay motivated as you clean, check out the Unfilth Your Habitat app.





For people that don’t have the time to complete their spring cleaning tasks on their own, Handy is a great app to find professionals to hire. You can schedule their services and pay them through the app. If you need cleaning services, organizing help, painting jobs, or anything else, check out this app to find professionals who can do it for you.




Give your spring cleaning an added boost with these apps that can simplify the process, keep you motivated, and share the tasks with others. Tell us about your favorite spring cleaning apps in the comments below.

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