Top 3 Smart Home Garage Door Openers

You manage so many things from your phone these days. Why not add a smart garage door opener too?

By Amandalyn Vanover


If you’re constantly forgetting to close your garage door, then a smart home garage door opener may just be what you need to put your mind at ease! While it doesn’t replace the existing opener you’re using, it does allow you and family members to control and share access of the garage door from any smartphone, mobile device, or computer at any time from anywhere around the globe.


Not only can you open and close your garage door with the ease of a smart home garage door opener, you will also be setup to receive reminders when you accidently leave it open, and some allow you to set up the feature of automated opening and closing. You can be notified immediately whenever someone uses the garage door and even set up a video stream to watch live monitoring of your garage.


These are the top three smart home garage door openers you should consider that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but they will give you the added security and safety along with the convenience of remote control access to your garage door that you’re seeking.



Photo courtesy of Dagenesta


3. Aladdin Connect

Aladdin is perfect for when you need to let someone in the house for a repair, but will not be home. You can let in the babysitter without having to leave her a key. The neighbors can be let in by you to check in on the pets and water the plants while you’re out of town. Aladdin features an audible alert and visual warning that signals from a module that the door is going to move and keeps a recording of the previous 100 times and dates the garage door was opened and closed for your review.



Photo courtesy of Genie Company


2. GarageMate

GarageMate screams security. It's made right here in the good ‘ole United States of America and backed with a money back guarantee. This smart home garage door opener device utilizes Bluetooth wireless security preventing strangers and criminals from getting into your garage through the home’s Wi-Fi system. GarageMate will only become functional if it’s paired from within the interior of the garage. To get inside the garage, you must have the password to enter through a phone that has already been paired and connected. If you would like, you’re able to provide access through the app to friends and family if you need to let them in your house through your garage while you’re not there.



Photo courtesy of BlueMate Labs, Inc.


1. Chamberlain MyQ

The Chamberlain MyQ garage door controller is a fan favorite among consumers. It’s supposed to be the simplest and quickest to install of all smart home garage door openers. It’s compatible with nearly every single garage door, which makes it so popular. For those that already own the Nest Cam, the Chamberlain MyQ product is easily integrated to add the view of your garage too. There aren’t a lot of fancy options and features like the automation of opening and closing the door that comes with the others, but it does work great with Xfinity Home smart-home hubs and Wink so that you have the ability to also turn on the air conditioning and lights when you open the garage door.



Photo courtesy of The Chamberlain Group, Inc.